Back home, to our True Shelter

By Romapada Swami - 15.3 2017

We are very limited. We have tiny knowledge and tiny happiness and tiny free will. We don’t miss our free will, proof is, here we are the place people reside who misused their free will. Some few rathayatras ago I was introduced to a Chinese lady, married to an Indian man. That was a very interesting combination. An elderly, little older and when introduced to her she said I just have one question. What is that? Why creation? I said fantastic question. And the short answer is two parts. We wanted it, when we make a mistake isn’t there a good reason for wanting it? Try to come up with the good reason for wanting it, there isn’t any good reason. It was bad and its really dumb to make such a free will choice, as wanting a place of enjoyment separate from Krishna, such a place doesn’t exist there is no such thing, its illusion, its maya, that’s what maya means, that which it is not. Ma Ya, not this. Doesn’t exist, we desired it, that’s one of the reasons. Opportunity for living to try to fulfill their desire and enjoy separately from Krishna, when here is no such thing. So, the creation comes. And the other is, for Mahavishnu to provide an opportunity for the living entities to come to the position where the fullness of their happiness can be experienced, that’s the hidden purpose of creation. The misery and disappointment, when we want happiness, we get something else, is to help us have the impetus to turn to Krishna again. And there is another reason giving maya something to do. It’s compassion, compassion, and compassion.