Fats and Carbohydrates

By Dusyanta dasa - 11.1 2017

Fats and Carbohydrates, and Cow Protection

Recently on TV in Wales a famous BBC, Welsh news reporter decided to do something about his burgeoning weight. He wanted to lose weight, become healthier and enjoy more energy. But like us all he was faced with the same wall of contradictions of diets to follow to achieve his goal. Nowadays the UK governments advice for a healthy diet is to eat a good balance of foods and carbohydrates but with little saturated fats. The fats in this instance represent meat and dairy fats. And the carbohydrates represent Breads, Pastas, Potatoes and Sugars.

However, the news reporter was not like a normal person to just accept the standard normal answers, because it did not work for him. He still gained weight and his cholesterol levels were high, just what you need for cardiac arrest, type 2 diabetes and being overweight. So, he sought alternative advice and in his case, it was to throw out all the carbohydrates and eat saturated fats. Now the old science on this would be to intuitively think that this would be a road to overweight and higher cholesterol and more unhealthy heart conditions. So, he was checked out by his doctor and they measured all his readings on bloods, weights and blood pressure before he undertook the three-week radical diet.

His doctor, of course warned him against it saying it was an unhealthy diet. But the reporter was adamant he wanted to give the three week diet a chance. So, he started with saturated fats for breakfast, dinner and tea. And as much dairy produce as he liked, all mixed in with some fruits, not too much fruit because it contains high sucrose levels, but plenty of fresh vegetables, nuts and lentils. Absolutely no breads, no pastas and absolutely no refined or processed sugars whatsoever, apart from, a little fruit.

During his diet, he interviewed scientists from different sides of the debate. One scientist told him he was wasting his time and the diet would make him fatter, he would increase his bad cholesterol (LDL’s) and he would increase his blood pressure. He practically laughed the whole exercise off.

The other scientist said fats don’t make you fat and don’t increase cholesterols. In fact, he said by eating fats- the cholesterol levels would go down. He said the HDL’s the Higher Density Lipids or the good cholesterols would increase and the Lower Density Lipids would go down. He said the bad cholesterol levels are created by plant fats in the form of Trans fats and Hydrogenated fats and Cooking Oils and Sugars. These bad fats are found all through foods that try to mimic Butters, Ghee and Yogurts. Hydrogenated Fats and Trans fats are not naturally occurring fats, they are created industrially through very high temperatures and exceedingly high pressures to convert viscous oils into solid fats for spreads and margarines. And they are found throughout so many foods today.

Three weeks flew past and he followed the diet religiously. The day came for his bloods to be measured and his weight too. The cholesterol levels had gone down appreciably and he had lost approximately 7-8 kilograms. What’s more his good cholesterol levels (HDL’s) had increased significantly.

In the cholesterol world within our bloods the cholesterol is created by foods that we eat. And essentially there are two types, HDL’s and LDL’s. Good and Bad. HDL’s whizz around our blood vessels at high speeds so they are unable to gather to form clots and blockages but the LDL’s are slow moving and they get attached to the blood vessels and cause blockages and clots that affect our coronary health adversely. I personally had a heart attack about 8 years ago, even though I hardly ate any fats at all. I was following the then propaganda that saturated fats were bad for you so I stopped Butter, Ghee and so on and ate margarines and spreads and nut milks etc. But my cholesterols were bad from those fats because they included many Trans Fats and Hydrogenated Fats. It has taken years of research to understand what Trans fats and Hydrogenated fats are, how they exist and the detrimental effects they have on coronary health. Cooking Oils, vegetable Oils and many other plant and nut based cooking Oils also falling into this category of negative and adverse effects on blood health. And there are many simple reasons for this modern phenomenon in our foods today. It’s how they are all processed, which eventually reduces perfectly good original foods into toxic, nutrient-stripped, health disasters.

Of course, nowadays the whole science has changed to the diametric opposite of what it was, that Dairy fats are not only healthy but actually help the other foods we eat to be used efficiently and effectively by the body. The point about fats is that saturated fats are natural and are recognised by the body whereas Trans Fats and Hydrogenated Fats are not natural because they have been trans posed to other unrecognisable non-foods, which the body does not recognise and therefore become toxic to the body, to the bloods and eventually to the heart. And even now today food companies are falling over themselves removing these particularly bad fats like Trans Fats, Hydrogenated fats and certain oils as well as Cooking Oils from our foods knowing how bad they are for health.

And today in Wales we have first-hand experience of this new scientific fact. I have to give bloods twice a year for measuring the cholesterol. Because I had a heart attack 8 years ago, I am considered a medical risk case. So, I have tried to manipulate my cholesterols through my diet every 6 months to see what effect it has on my readings of HDL’s and LDL’s. Now that I understand that saturated fats are good for blood health, in the last year I have crammed in soooooo much dairy products to see what effect it has and my cholesterol levels went down. Yes, they went down. My HDL’s are now a good measure around the 3.9 mark and my LDL’s are lower than 1.9. I have stopped eating margarines and artificial spreads and cooking oils completely now. And only eat Butters, Ghee, Whole Fat Milk and Yogurts and plenty of Cheese and Paneers, and only from raw sources.

Luckily in Wales, stations have popped up that retail whole unpasteurised, grass fed Cow’s Milk which is similar, or at least should be similar to Cow Protected milk. Cows need only be fed with grass to produce good quality milk, but unfortunately the commercial herds and many cow protected milk herds also use commercial food for their cows, such as grains, molasses and other unnecessary feeds which makes the milk 2nd and 3rd class.

A main point I have consistently pointed out is the nature of cow protected milk being misunderstood and especially misrepresented within Cow Protection projects. It has become fashionable to describe milk in terms of its protected environment rather than its quality. Hence, we find milk marketed as “Ahimsa” milk rather than “grass-fed protected” milk. Firstly, the word “Ahimsa” is totally misappropriated and describes only the nature of the environment cows are kept, that they are not slaughtered, but this does not make for good milk per se. Only grass-fed cows make good Vedic milk whether they are protected or not. Of course, cow protection is 1st class and we want all cows to be protected but this does not automatically mean the milk they produce is 1st class. To produce 1st class milk cows must only be fed exclusively on grass and nothing else, as soon as milking cows are fed with other ingredients the milk is compromised immediately and furthers the concept of violence within the model. When I was serving judiciously at Bhaktivedanta Manor Cow protection project back in the 1980’s, the cows were always being fed carrots, cabbage, potatoes and all sorts of rubbish, as if it were Go-dana. But it ruined the milk and brought way more violence into the model. Real non-violence is not possible in Milk production, all we are expected to achieve is what is called Minimum Violence, “Natihimsrena” as explained carefully by Lord Kapila in the 3rdCanto.

I have cut out all white flours, all pastas, all white sugars, and modern white rice, and processed sugars, we just eat some natural raw Honey for our morning Ginger Teas. But we eat plenty of porridge and all our own home grown vegetables and fruit. And now we have begun a new self-sufficiency project based on simple living and cow protection, we hope to be fully operational within 2-3 years. Cow protection is the only way to go to fully appreciate the symbiotic and pantheistic-environmental model to produce food in a wholesome way without the need for industrialisation in any shape or form. No other model of farming and agriculture comes close to Krishna’s Cow Protection Agricultural model. Not only that but it’s the healthiest diet on the planet.