How John Lennon heard the mahamantra

How John Lennon heard the mahamantra just before he left his body

Nartak Gopal Devi Dasi: Krishna arranged for devotees to be there at the time of his death. This was December 8th 1980. The New York temple was on West 55th Street in Manhattan and two devotees lived at that temple. Bakula and Surottama, and they had their daughter Shringara born that morning. She was born in the temple so by the afternoon she had developed kind of a cough so they thought well we better take this baby to the hospital because you never know. So they asked another devotee Keshiha, who now lives in Alachua where I lived, that can you please drive us to the ER the emergency room at Roosevelt Hospital. Roosevelt Hospital is up on West 59th Street and the temple is on 55th Street so at the hospital they were taken into this room and the lady doctor was examining the baby when all of a sudden she was called out of the room, there was apparently like a big emergency, and she was called out of the room so uh Surottama das followed her, he wanted to see what what is this emergency, so he followed her to and of course I mean at that time this was 1980 the devotees you know they always just dressed with their shaved head and the dhoti and kurta they didn’t wear karmi clothes to go places in America so much that because they were living in the temple.

So what it was, Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s wife was walking alongside a stretcher and John Lennon was laying on it facedown lying on his stomach. He had been shot, somebody assassinated him, they shot him outside of his apartments and his apartments were up on West 72nd Street so what it means is that the hospital is right in the middle. So that’s why he went to that same hospital and when Yoko Ono Saw Surottama she said “John the Hare Krishna’s are here” and then, like a moment later he expired.