Proper Goal


On another newspaper, there was a very interesting and complete article about congregational preaching. And about the fact that, originally, at Lord Caitanya's time, the spreading of Krsna Consciousness was already supposed to happen more through people and families who live in the karmi world than through construction of temples, focus on it, and people living in those temples. Of course, both things help and are necessary. The difference is, however, that the building of temples is very costly and takes much time and energy from devotees and other people. When outside preaching and practice is almost free and directly productive.

Moreover, it happens in the natural frame that is the one of the people. It is a fact that outside, we are directly in contact with reality. It can be detrimental or on contrary, an advantage. It is up to us to make this frame become favorable. Living in a temple contains other aspects but in this situation, we can easily fall into some illusion because we are somehow cut from the general reality and live in a bubble which we have not created ourselves through our own consciousness and endeavour. As many of us checked when we were within ISKCON, generally the most ecstatic and safe situation was to be in travelling sankirtana parties. And so, in contact with the world. The advantage was also that we had no choice but to always transcend a minimum if we wanted to stay in sankirtana activity. And to have results. That really pushed us ahead very strongly because we were always facing adversity. Therefore, we see that the karmi world can be an advantage if we use it nicely.

The advantage of it is also that we can get inspiration everywhere and from anyone. We are not limited in our sources of it. Inspiration is not only in Sastras, devotees, Deities... People are also potential devotees. And sometimes, we started bhakti process before them only because there was much more emergency for us than for them. So, from this potential we see many people have to become devotees in due course of time, we get much inspiration because we see already some of their qualities which will be used in the future. As for them, the problem is that, generally, they may have more to lose, materially speaking, than we had when we joined ISKCON. They are also, sometimes, more balanced and psychologically sane than we were. Therefore, they are also naturally more demanding. They have to really see and to be convinced that they have some actual benefit to get from Krsna Consciousness. And as I saw many times, our preaching in the West is sometimes so poor and limited that it is really not sufficient to inspire those persons to take our process. Process which ONLY functions on the basis of the superior taste. Therefore, from what is our present presentation of bhakti, those persons will possibly respect us and our philosophy but will not go further if they don't find, for themselves, a real superior taste in it. A thing which is not so easy when they have, as I said, generally a more interesting life than we had when we began Krsna Consciousness. That's maybe the reason why Srila Prabhupada said that the best devotees were still outside. The day they will take the bhakti process, they will often take it from a higher basis than we did.

That is another reason for us not to give too excessive importance to seniority and etiquette. Not more than what is proper and strictly necessary. And certainly not more than to Krsna Consciousness itself! Jayadvaita Swami and some others will have to renounce some of their abuses and illusions, but we really don't care about it. We do need to attract intelligent people who have good or very good situations in society. Not only in India. The other lower social stratums generally follow them. The point is however that, with intelligent people who have nice situations in society, we can not base everything on the concept of quantity. And believe that they will just follow a mass movement. They are themselves not sheep. Therefore, even our progress in quantity will stay limited and eventually will be stopped if we can not catch those people as well. Through quality. So, the apparent choice which is, for the moment, that of the ISKCON leaders, to stop more or less, spiritually speaking, everything at one level and to develop everything from this basis, without trying at the same time to raise this level, even for themselves. Which means, to resume the whole thing, to change, on contrary,

Krsna Consciousness in a conventional and mundane religion and Movement. This choice is not the good one and will never supply the superior taste to the kind of people mentioned above. They will never be so much interested in the long run in our routine, in only the same repetition every year of our festivals, in our repeating always the same things without any new realizations of them, etc. Because those people are still a little alive and intelligent, they need a real genuine stimulus which can only be provided by real pure Krsna Consciousness. Not by a fake one. They will maybe appreciate some aspects of what is done in our communities, meaning ecology, vegetarianism, etc. But we are not the only ones to present and propose that. And the main goal of Krsna Consciousness will not be highlighted or not highlighted enough. The goal which is our real life and soul.