Real yoga system means to control the senses

By editor - 23.8 2017

They are now preaching openly the yoga by sex. Yoga by sex. They have invented. Yoga means to find out the Supreme Lord within one’s self, within the core of the heart. That is real yoga. Yoga means to connect. To connect with whom? With sex life? No. The sex life connection is there even in the birds, beast, ants, animals, worms—everywhere—because the whole world is going on on sex life. Does it require any yoga system? But people are fallen so down that they have invented because people want it, and these rascals, they exploit. This is going on. So real yoga system means to control the senses, not to increase or indulge. They are clearly advertising in the Western countries, “Transcendental meditation. There is no restriction. There is no question of faith,” and so many things, means as people want it. They want money, and they advertise like that. People do not want to follow the religious principles. People do not want any restriction. They advertise, “Yes. You haven’t got to follow any restriction. You haven’t got to believe in some religion. You simply pay me $127, and I give you mantra, and you become happy.” This is going on.

But that is not the fact. Real fact is how to control the mind. Here we see that mana madana-vepitam. Na sasaka samadhatum mano madana-vepitam. Our mind is always agitated for sense enjoyment. Mind is the master of the senses, or the chief man, just like superintendent. Mind is dictating, and the senses The mind is dictating, “You go there”; immediately the legs go. “You see here”; the eyes see. So mind is the center. Manah-sasthanindriyani prakrti- sthani karsati [Bg. 15.7]. Bhagavad-gita. This living entity, mamaivamso Krsna says, “All these living entities, they are My part and parcel.” So question may be, “Then why they are rotting here? If the living entities are part and parcel of Krsna, or God, so why does he not live with God?” The immediate answer is manah-sasthanindriyani prakrti-sthani karsati [Bg. 15.7] These living entities, these conditioned souls who has come to this material world—the only reason is that they want to satisfy the senses, manah-sasthanindriyani. Therefore there is struggle for existence. He wants to enjoy. He wants to become the enjoyer. But he is not enjoyer. That is called illusion. He is enjoyed. He cannot enjoy. Enjoyer is only Krsna, purusa. Purusah sasvatam.

In the Bhagavad-gita it is said, param brahma param dhama pavitram paramam bhavan, purusam sasvatam adyam [Bg. 10.12]. Krsna, the Lord, is described as purusa, and living entities are described as prakrti. Apareyam itas tu viddhi me prakrtim para, jiva-bhuto maha-baho yayedam dharyate jagat. Krsna has explained. There is material energy and spiritual energy. So jiva-bhuta. Jiva- bhuta, the living entities, they have been described as prakrti, and prakrti means females. And Krsna has been described as purusa. So purusa is the enjoyer, and prakrti is the enjoyed. Don’t think that “enjoyed” means simply sex. No. “Enjoyed” means subordinate, to carry out the order of the purusa. This is the position of Krsna and ourself. We are part and parcel, just like the hands and legs are my part and parcel of the body. So the duty of the hands and legs are that carry out my order. I say my legs, “Carry me there.” He will… It will do immediately. My hand—“Just take it.” I’ll take it. The hand will take it. So this is prakrti and purusa. The purusa orders, and the prakrti performs the duty. This is the real…, not that as soon as we say prakrti and purusa, immediately there is question of sex. No. Means… Prakrti means obedient, obedient to the purusa. This is natural way. In the Western countries they are artificially trying to become equal, but that is not possible by nature. And there is no such question, inferiority or superiority. There is no such question. Such like the begin, in the beginning, yato va imani bhutani jayante. Janmady asya yatah [Bhag. 1.1.1]. Wherefrom this purusa and prakrti relationship begun? Janmady asya yatah. It has begun from the Absolute Truth.

Therefore Absolute Truth is Radha-Krsna, the same purusa and prakrti. But Radharani is the servitor, serving. Radharani is so expert that She always attracts Krsna by Her service. This is Radharani’s position. Krsna is called Madana-Mohana. Here in Vrndavana there is Madana-Mohana, and Radharani is called Madana-Mohana-Mohini. Krsna is so attractive that we are attracted by Cupid, and Krsna attracts Cupid. Therefore His name is Madana- Mohana. And Radharani is so great that She attracts Krsna. Therefore She is the greatest. In the Vrndavana, therefore, people are accustomed to chant Radharani’s name more than Krsna’s name—“Jaya Radhe.” Yes. If you want Krsna’s favor, you just try to please Radharani. So this is the way.

Now here it is said, mana madana-vepitam: “Mind was agitated.” So this mind agitation will go on unless one is attracted by Madana Mohana. If we do not be attracted by the Madana Mohana, so long we are not attracted by Madana Mohana we must be attracted by Madana, madana-vepitam. This is the process. And unless you can control your mind, unless you are able to control your mind not to be disturbed by Madana, there is no question of liberation or salvation. The ultimate goal of life is how to become free from this material engagement, repetition of birth, death, and threefold miseries. That is the perfection. They do not know what is the goal of life, what is the perfection of life, the whole world. Especially in this age they are so fallen that they do not know what is the goal of life. All these big, big political parties, philosophers, scientists, they have no knowledge. They are in the darkness. Therefore it is called illusion, in the darkness. But we understand that krsna surya sama: “Krsna is just like sun.” Krsna surya-sama; maya andhakara: “And this darkness means maya.”

krsna surya-sama; maya andhakara yahan krsna, tahan nahi mayara adhikara

Mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam taranti te [Bg. 7.14]. This is the process.

So it is a great science. Krsna consciousness movement is most scientific movement to get the whole human society from the pitch of darkness.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.1.62
by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Vrindavana, August 29, 1975