Slaughter House in Nabadwip Dham

BY: SUBROTO DAS - 10.7 2017

Delegation Against Slaughter House in Nabadwip Dham

In the holy land of Nabadwip, the birth place of Sri Chaitanya MahaPrabhu, which is respected as the epicentre of spirituality by the entire Vaishnav society of the world, construction of a slaughter house is being allegedly planned on Manipur Road near the Ganga ghat. Annually lakhs of Vaishnav devotees, pilgrims, visitors, guests from all across the world come to this sacred place to imbue a sense of spiritual enlightenment.

A delegation comprising of senior monks of 12 Gaudiya Maths who represented 150 people of different communities – educationists, literary stalwarts, social workers, prominent personalities of Nabadwip today handed over a deputation to Mr. Sumit Gupta, District Magistrate of Nadia district, urging him to immediately take action and stop the baleful act.

As mentioned in established scriptures, Nabadwip is being revered as one of the most sacred places in the world. The construction of a slaughter house is being observed by the denizens as an act of contaminating the sanctity of the holy land and hence hurting the religious sentiments of the people of the place.

On behalf of the delegation Sri Tatpar Swami Maharaj, President Sri Rupanuga Bhajan Ashram, Mayapur expressed his displeasure and requested the District Magistrate to cease the construction immediately. Sri Bhakti Vikas Baman Maharaj of Srimad Bhakti Keshav Gaudiya Math, Nabadwip appealed to Mr. Sumit Gupta to stop the construction of the slaughter house and help in preserving the age old heritage of Nabadwip. The DM received a copy of the letter and has assured the delegation he will look into the issue.