Prem Mandir distributes warm clothes to 5000 students


P.C. Ghumakkar - 11.1 2018

Vrindavan - In a program on Thursday, 5000 students ate a warm meal and received warm clothes due to the kind donations of supporters of Prem Mandir. The students were also treated to sweet dishes, bringing a smile to many faces.

The distribution was timely as winter has now reached its peak. After a week of foggy weather, people are starting to wonder when Krishna will turn up the sun. Primary schools have been closed due to the cold weather, however secondary schools are still running.

Children sitting in cold classrooms wearing only a thin sweater are often seen shivering from the cold. The distribution of school sweaters in Government schools was delayed, so many students from impoverished families have been suffering from the cold. The Government now promises to distribute the sweaters on 6th January.

The sweater distribution was organized by Jagadguru Kripalu Parikshit (JKP). In addition to assisting rural children with their educational and everyday needs, the organization also assists widows and sadhus.

Prem Mandir has become one of the main tourist attractions in Vrindavan in recent days. The neon lights and musical fountain, as well as its situation at one of the main entrances to Vrindavan marketplace make have made the temple popular. The temple has been described as “a unique combination of devotion, art and grandeur.”

As a modern spectacle, Prem Mandir is attractive and the temple’s charitable works are commendable, however, the increasing numbers of new temples on the road into old Vrindavan can distract tourists from visiting the 7 ancient temples of Vrindavan which are:

Govind Dev Temple
Radha Gopinath Temple
Madan Mohan Temple
Radha Raman Temple
Radha Damodar Temple
Radha Shyam Sundar Temple
Gokulanand Temple