False Idea


We all know that we came into this material world and fell down in a conditioned state because we developed envy towards Krsna. We wanted to be Krsna ourselves or we just simply refused to contribute to His happiness. There are many scenarios. Srila Prabhupada says in a Bhagavad-gita purport that we fell down in material nature "for one reason or other" and that "it is very difficult to find out the origin of our fall down." Therefore, our envy towards Krsna can have different aspects. And possibly, as many aspects as there are living beings.

Every jiva has his own particularities, even on the pure spiritual platform. I remember having read Prabhupada saying that even on the liberated level, every jiva has his (her) own way to spiritually think and to consider Krsna. The Spiritual World is not a monolithic One.

We also all know that we have absolutely no reason to be envious of Krsna for, by serving Him, we naturally get our own pleasure and happiness. The little parts, by serving the Whole, only fulfill their natural function and receive the best they can anyway receive. Krsna is Krsna forever and the jivas are also jivas for the eternity. No way to change that!

However, we became and are still envious. Until we become real pure devotees. Uttama-adhikaris. Which will mean that we will be completely free from this envy. And therefore, from the bondage of material influence.

But there is possibly another and a further reason why our envy towards Krsna is absurd. Krsna is God and the Supreme enjoyer. Both things go naturally together. That is just normal. We are ourselves subordinate enjoyers, depending on, first, Krsna"s enjoyment. Srila Prabhupada never said something different from that. Only Gour Govinda Maharaja seemed to express, sometimes, some extreme siddhanta. Which looked to be crazy and detrimentally artificial. I saw that.

But if we analyze things thoughtfully and with cold blood, we can also understand that Krsna enjoys just in proportion to Who He is: the infinite One. And ourselves, we also enjoy just in proportion to who we are. The infinitesimal ones. In fact, there is absolutely no abuse from Krsna in this matter. Therefore, there is even less reason for us to be envious of Krsna. To take a material example: an elephant eats thousands of times more than a mouse. And would be very unhappy if he would eat less than his constitutional (material) nature requires and allows him to eat. But that does not mean that the elephant enjoys his eating more than the mouse does. And therefore, that the mouse would have, in fact, any reason to become envious of the elephant because of this difference! That may explain the completely harmonious relation with Krsna that the perfectly intelligent jivas have, without any difficulty, in the Spiritual World. They are not as stupid as we are!