Why Krsna left?

By Bhurijan Das - 25.2 2019

Krsna says that the gopikas (Srimati Radhika being the topmost) are so dear to Him. And then He leaves them and goes to Mathura. How is it possible? Is He so casual, just “Ram Ram. There are beautiful women in Mathura also”? No, His heart is so grateful and kind. In the 11th Canto His heart will again come out in the open, even though He does not plan this.

Here He sends Uddhava to bring consolation to the gopis. He describes, this is the perfection of the perfection (SB 10.46.4):

ta man-manaska mat-prana mat-arthe tyakta-daihikah mam eva dayitam prestham atmanam manasa gatah ye tyakta-loka-dharmas ca mad-arthe tan bibharmy aham

The minds of those gopis are always absorbed in Me, and their very lives are ever devoted to Me. For My sake they have abandoned everything related to their bodies, renouncing ordinary happiness in this life, as well as religious duties necessary for such happiness in the next life. I alone am their dearmost beloved and, indeed, their very Self. I personally sustain such devotees, who for My sake give up all worldly duties. PURPORT Here the Lord explains why He wants to send a special message to the gopis. According to the Vaisnava acaryas, the word daihikah, “related to the body,” refers to husbands, children, homes and so on. The gopis loved Krsna so intensely that they could think of nothing else. Since Sri Krsna maintains ordinary devotees engaged in sadhana-bhakti, devotional service in practice, He will certainly maintain the gopis, His most exalted devotees.>>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 10.46.5

It is impossible for the false ego to accept that we are servants. The servant’s life is for the pleasure of his master. And “mam ekam saranam vraja”, one has to come to this level.

We have seen this in Srila Prabhupada: there was no “time-off” in his Krsna consciousness. He was ablaze in fire of desiring to serve his Guru Maharaj. … nirvisesa sunyavadi pascatya desa tarine … In one tape a devotee was superficially criticizing the scientists, “jumping on the band-wagon”, and Srila Prabhupada said, “No, we appreciate what they have done, but why they say there is no God?”

And then there is spiritualism but people turn to impersonalism. Yes, God is there, but He has no mouth, legs – that would mean HE HAS NO MERCY! But who wants to say that.

So that [impersonal] mood will certainly not give us entry in Vrndavan, so Srila Prabhupada is relentlessly, with no time-off, preaching.

We don’t imitate, that is our principle in KC; mad-artha tyakta daihikah – the gopis have given up concern even about their bodies. They were kamanuga, not even sambandhanuga – no formal relationship with Krsna.

They were composed, their spiritual bodies were manifestation of their volcano-like desire to please Krsna, without any lust or other selfish desire.

… This is a great goal of KC. This is completely natural. For someone with a false ego it is completely unnatural. But in Vrndavan the only concern is blazing desire to please Krsna. … And if we worry – who will then take care of me? Krsna says, “_I_ take care. I will take care of them. Why they are alive – I am sustaining them by My yogamaya”. Just like Krsna captured them with His love they captured Krsna with His love. … Padyavali: Separation from Krsna is better than meeting Him. When I meet Him there is only one Krsna, but when I am separated from Him the three worlds become filled with Krsnas. … Vrndavan devotees are eka-nistha, not bahu-nistha, not multitasking: this is for Krsna, this is for me, this is for something else. They exist for Krsna’s pleasure. That is KC.

So when we hear about this, we should become very humble. Humility is the counterpart of prema, acc. to Sri Sanatana Gosvami. That empowers one’s chanting and service. That can make a blind man see and a lame man cross mountains. Running.

I alone am their dearmost beloved and, indeed, their very Self. Ref. VedaBase => SB 10.46.4

Therefore I personally sustain such devotees, who for My sake give up all worldly duties. Ref. VedaBase => SB 10.46.4

Krsna’s heart is softer than – fresh butter.

In their ecstasy.

When we hear this, we think it does not refer to me, I am keeping something behind my back for myself! But no, Krsna speaks here about sadhana-bhakti. If one calls Krsna’s name ONE TIME, Krsna keeps this person’s name in His heart and His book.

Therefore I personally sustain such devotees, who for My sake give up all worldly duties

So this is the process and knowledge that Brhaspati could not teach Uddhava (prema-sastra). Krsna wanted Uddhava to see Nanda Maharaja, Mother Yasoda, Vraja-gopikas — the “exploded relatioships” – no one can have more relationship with Krsna than them.

And Krsna protects them. This is our Krsna.

Krsna says (Sri Visvanatha, Sri Jiva) that He will protect everyone who has renounced something for His sake regardless of their – what is the next word? – qualification. Everyone. And the gopikas renounced everything.

SB 10.46.5 mayi tah preyasam presthe dura-sthe gokula-striyah smarantyo ‘nga vimuhyanti virahautkanthya-vihvalah

My dear Uddhava, for those women of Gokula I am the most cherished object of love. Thus when they remember Me, who am so far away, they are overwhelmed by the anxiety of separation.>>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 10.46.6

If Mathura is 12 km from Vrndavan and they love me so much, why don’t they come?? They are stunned. In separation, they think about me for a short time and faint for a long time. They think and faint, think and faint, so dear Uddhava, please go and console them.

So what is keeping the gopis alive? SB 10.46.6 dharayanty ati-krcchrena prayah pranan kathancana pratyagamana-sandesair ballavyo me mad-atmikah

Simply because I have promised to return to them, My fully devoted cowherd girlfriends struggle to maintain their lives somehow or other.>>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 10.46.6

Krsna is opening His heart to Uddhava. They are very close. … Uddhava … wrote a letter to Krsna and said, “My dear Supreme King of Vraja, You are the vision of nectar for the eyes, and without seeing Your lotus feet and the effulgence of Your body, my mind is always morose. I cannot perceive any peace under any circumstance. Besides that, I am feeling every moment’s separation to be like the duration of many, many long years.” Ref. VedaBase => NoD 37: Impetuses for Krsna’s Service

So Uddhava is the right person to be sent.

The gopikas maintain their lives ‘ati-krcchrena’ with great difficulty. Krsna has been sending messengers ‘premna’, with love, assuring again and again “I am coming again”.

Krsna is unlimitedly attractive and charming. He is able to reciprocate with everyone as an individual. And then He is gone…

Mother Yasoda was in so much distress when Akrura was taking Krsna away, that Krsna after 3km sent back a messenger, “Please Mother, I am hungry, I need food for the journey, please send something immediately”. And mother Yasoda started cooking immediately.

… After wandering Mathura, breaking the bow — Kamsa could not sleep for a moment then — Krsna and Balarama could sleep very peacefully after taking THAT rice, cooked and sent by Mother Yasoda.

Kamsa could not sleep, he had a neurotic breakdown – self-induced. He had become an enemy and competitor with Krsna. That is so foolish. We cannot compete with Krsna because we are so tiny and insignificant.

Krsna said, “I will return, I will return, I will return”.

Simply because I have promised to return to them, My fully devoted cowherd girlfriends struggle to maintain their lives somehow or other.>>10.46.6

Uddhava had his service – messages to deliver to Nanda Maharaja, Yasoda and especially to the Vraja-gopikas. In the 7 verse Sukadeva Gosvami continues to describe what happened next.

SB 10.46.7 sri-suka uvaca ity ukta uddhavo rajan sandesam bhartur adrtah adaya ratham aruhya prayayau nanda-gokulam Sukadeva Gosvami said: Thus addressed, O King, Uddhava respectfully accepted his master’s message, mounted his chariot and set off for Nanda-gokula.>>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 10.46.8 … SB 10.46.8 prapto nanda-vrajam sriman nimlocati vibhavasau channa-yanah pravisatam pasunam khura-renubhih The fortunate Uddhava reached Nanda Mahäräja’s pastures just as the sun was setting, and since the returning cows and other animals were raising dust with their hooves, his chariot passed unnoticed.>>

Effulgent Uddhava on the effulgent Krsna’s chariot, because he had a service, could enter Gokula. Vrndavan is meant for Krsna’s pleasure, not for ours.

Sri Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura in Vraja-mandala parikrama would not allow to cut twigs for tooth-brushes to make this point.

If make our point of being here as serving, sravanam-kirtanam, and serving devotees of Krsna, then the land immediately reciprocates. Who has had this experience?

In taxi, as you leave, as you reach the highway, it is 80% gone. And in the airport, then abroad, it is very difficult to keep the sweetness of Vrndavan. But as a person taking a lot of photographs I can’t fail to notice that outside there is no life, while in Vrndavan all the trees, landscapes are alive.

According to our mood, the land of Vrndavan reciprocates, the more we serve, the more it reciprocates, and the curtain can lift completely.

When Krsna – the life of Vraja-vasis left – they stopped cooking, there were cobwebs everywhere… That would be shocking for Uddhava. So Krsna wanted Uddhava first to see His Vrndavan, as it was in His presence. Because Uddhava was enetering as a servant, Krsna’s iccha-sakti showed Uddhava aprakata-Vrndavana, the land of Krsna where there is no separation from Krsna at any time.

Sri Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura describes this in such a touching way – in the conversation between Krsna & Balaram & Nanda Maharaja after killing Kamsa. Devaki and Vasudeva have seen Krsna in His all powerful feature as the Supreme Lord, although they know He is their son. He comes to touch their feet and they want to embrace Him. At the same time they know He is the SUpreme Lord and want to fold their hands. And caught between these two conflicting emotions they remain stunned.

But in Vrndavan, when Uddhava goes to speak about Krsna the Vraja-gopikas say, “We don’t want to hear, in His past life as Rama He shot Bali from behind the bush” – they are AWARE that He is God. But nothing lessens their love. He is Narayana – it does not make any difference for them. This is the speciality of Vraja. And then He leaves and they have nothing. Because Krsna is their everything.

So Sri Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura speaks of two planes of existence. By Yogamaya two level open up: in one Nanda Maharaja goes back without Krsna, and in another, aprakata manifestation, Nanda Maharaja goes back WITH Krsna.

Later Uddhava will see the prakata-Vrndavan, when Yasoda cannot even speak to him, Nanda Maharaja somehow greets Krsna.

This dual reality, – this is the meaning of what has been taught by Srila Prabhupada and our acaryas – great devotees have access to these levels. Even today all these lilas are going on. There is a curtain that covers them from our eyes. But the power of Vrndavan is that sweetness of what is going on behind that curtain filters through, and, Srila Prabhupada says that “even a non-devotee” can experience some separation from Krsna by coming here.

So, there two levels of Vrndavan. Even for Vraja-vasis: on one Krsna never leaves, on the other there is devastation of separation. Now, what is the chanel to jump from one to the other? It is the methodology practiced here, spontaneously practiced by the Vrajavasis. It is separation. Remembering Krsna’s names, Krsna’s qualities, Krsna’s pastimes. Appropriately, according to our level, not artificially – we cannot artificially do this. We can be inspired by one day chanting 64 rounds, “from now on I will always be listening when I am chanting” – but this is not possible, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura says, due to rajas and tamas. We need to live the right life, as Maharaja read on the first day [SB 1.3.44p]. Sattva guna gives the mind so much more capacity to apply ourselves to KC.

Sri Jiva Gosvami, Yogamaya thought, “Let Uddhava see my Vrndavan when it is full of sweet sentiments”.

Gokula resounded on all sides with the sounds of bulls in rut fighting with one another for fertile cows; with the mooing of cows, burdened by their udders, chasing after their calves; with the noise of milking and of the white calves jumping here and there; with the loud reverberation of flute-playing; and with the singing of the all-auspicious deeds of Krsna and Balarama by the cowherd men and women, who made the village resplendent with their wonderfully ornamented attire. The cowherds’ homes in Gokula appeared most charming with their abundant paraphernalia for worship of the sacrificial fire, the sun, unexpected guests, the cows, the brahmanas, the forefathers and the demigods. On all sides lay the flowering forest, echoing with flocks of birds and swarms of bees and beautified by its lakes crowded with swans, karandava ducks and bowers of lotuses. Ref. VedaBase => SB 10.46.9-13

Vrajavasis compose rhyming poetic songs and joyously sang them every day.

Another day with Sacinandana Maharaj we went to Man Sarovar and saw Vrajavasis loudly singing on a tractor – later we found they were joyous because that day their village got a new tractor and they were offering it to Radharani:) And then they went away.

Sri Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura: “9. Vraja is described in five verses. Inspired by the Lord’s iccha sakti, yogamaya said, “Let Uddahva see the splendor of my Vraja.” Covering separation from Krsna–grief expressed through the sancari bhavas of nirveda, visada and dainya, she showed Uddhava a typical evening in Vraja in which Krsna was present, with positive sentiments of joy, eagerness, enthusiasm etc. Because the cows were in heat (vasitah), the maddened bulls were mooing loudly and fighting with each other to mate with the cows. Vraja echoed with the sounds of the cows who were running towards their new calves.

10-11. Along with the sound of milking cows there were shouts in all directions such as “Let the cow loose” “Don’t let the cow loose” “Bring the cows here” Let the cows go.” “Do this quickly” “Do this slowly.” “Bring this.” “Take this.” “Give this. Receive this.” There was also the sound of the flute, and the singing of the gopis. By all this Vraja appeared splendid.

12. Vraja was made attractive by the houses of the cowherd men in which sacrifices and worship were performed.”

And then Krsna was gone. Uddhava could see where the minds of Vrajavasis go when Krsna goes. I can see where my consciousness goes when I go to Delhi or out of Vrndavan. But Uddhava will see and desire to take the dust of the lotus feet of the gopikas on his head.