Radha Raman das

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My biography:
His interest in spirituality and  the Hare Krishna movement started in 1986 when his friend Karel Barton introduced him to the Hare Krishna philosophy. Together with others  for example Tattva-darsi das, Karel (now Krishna Caitanya das) , Angara-purna dasi, Boris, Jana, Igor, Peter, Svatka, Vlastik, Roman (now Rukmini-ramana das), Lubos (now Nila Madhava das) and others tried to practice and preach Krishna consciousness in former Czechoslovakia.

After police interrogations some devotees left the country (as Tattva-darsi, who went to Sweden to translate books) and some had withdrawn themselves. Around 1987, Radha Raman das  together with the most enthusiastic devotees bought an old big house in Lansperk (Eastern Bohemia) where the first Hare Krishna center was founded. Radha Raman das was one of the organizers and cooperated also with Turiya das who tried to preach and help devotees from Sweden.

Smuggling books and half-public programs were the practices of those times. After 1989 when the communist regime collapsed the devotees moved to Prague and Radha Raman das was the organizer of the first Prague's Govinda's club. At those times it was the only Hare Krishna center. From those humble facilities devotees prepared preaching in media, harinams, sold paraphernalia, prepared festivals and books distribution. When the Prague's Govinda's turned into restaurant under the care of  Bh. Karel (Krisha Caitanya das) , Radha Raman lived in Czech farm Krsnuv Dvur where he served as pujari. (More info about Czech yatra)

In 1990 on Gaura-purnima in India he received first initiation and 1994 in Amsterdam second brahmin initiation from one of the first Prabhupada's disciple Tamal Krishna Goswami. Around 1994 he moved to Radhadesh, Belgium, where he became the chief of the constructing department. Here he could use his architectonic education. Since 2015, he has moved back to the Czech Republic. His interests are books, computer library and traveling to India's holy places.