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Vaishnava Theology that facilitate exchanges of thought and experience and help ensure the efficiency and competence of all levels of education needed in ISKCON communities. Proper education is needed for a healthy society.

Education not only enriches our present lives with knowledge, but represents an investment in the future.

Students who are cared for and nurtured in a personal way can later dedicate their skills and knowledge to society and thus become instruments for spiritual change. By attending a range of  courses, students develop their spiritual potential with confidence and maturity, which enables them to serve in ISKCON and build bridges of understanding and cooperation with the other religious traditions.

The Vaishnava philosophy comes from a glorious past called the Vedic Culture. In Indian Philosophy we find the roots of all doctrines on man and the universe. The ancient Vedic sages regarded Philosophy as the instrument to lead to a whole vision of the world and to life rules leading beyond the transiency of matter. Students are taken through a wonderful journey into a universal knowledge, still representing the widest and richest expression of the human intellect and spirit.