Advaita Prakasha, Chapter 13

BY: SUN STAFF - 11.1 2023

Advaita Prakasha: Lord Advaita Acarya by Shrila Ishana Nagara, translated by HH Subhag Swami.

All glories to Shri Chaitanya! All glories to Sitanatha! All glories to Nityananda, along with all the devotees!

Listen now to the wonderful narration of Ishvara Puri's visit to Navadvipa. Advaita Prabhu called him the personification of conjugal love. Just by seeing him one attained pure devotional service. Ishvara Puri was the topmost Vaishnava. He was completely unattached and indifferent to material things. When he arrived, he went straight to Advaita Prabhu's residence.

Seeing the powerful sannyasi, Sitanatha offered him obeisances, saying, "Namo Narayana."

As soon as Ishvara Puri saw Advaita Prabhu, he understood that Advaita was the cause for Krishna's descending on earth. Shri Ishvara Puri was a disciple of Shri Madhavendra Puri. Knowing this, Advaita Prabhu began crying in ecstatic love.

As the two began discussing topics of Lord Krishna, they were soon drowning in the ocean of ecstasy. Sometimes they cried, sometimes they laughed, sometimes they fell unconscious, and sometimes they roared deeply like powerful lions. After some time, when they regained their external consciousness, Sitanatha offered Puriraja his meal.

Afterwards, Ishvara Puri wandered around Navadvipa, and at an auspicious moment he met Shri Gauranga. When Ishvara Puri saw Gaurachandra, whose bodily effulgence resembled that of millions of suns, he developed the highest symptoms of devotional ecstasy and thought, "He must be the original Supreme Personality of Godhead, appearing in Navadvipa with a golden form!"

Seeing Ishvara Puri's effulgence, Vishvambhara could understand that he was the topmost sannyasi and first-class devotee of the Lord. Gaura went before him and offered obeisances, and Ishvara Puri said, "Your desires will be fulfilled."

They introduced themselves and then joyfully discussed the scriptures together. Later, Gaura lovingly offered Ishvara Puri various foodstuffs. Ishvara Puri rested there for some days, but after considering that some time remained before Gaura would reveal Himself, he left on pilgrimage.

One day Gaura told mother Shaci, "I wish to go to East Bengal with My students. I will soon return. Don't think that there is any danger for Me. You will have no anxiety if you stay at home blissfully engaged in Krishna's service."

Saying this, He offered obeisances to mother Shaci. She offered Gaura her blessings, though she was pained at heart. Gaurachandra then went east until He arrived at the residence of Padmanabha Cakravarti. Lokanatha Cakravarti, an associate of Mahaprabhu, asked His father, Padmanabha, to go and receive the Lord. Shri Padmanabha Cakravarti was a pure soul and had received the mercy of Shri Advaita Prabhu. Padmanabha had understood from Advaita's indication that Lord Krishna had manifested Himself in Navadvipa in a golden form.

He already knew through ecstatic trance that Krishna Himself in the form of Gaura had come to his residence. Upon seeing Gauranga, he easily recognized Him, so he offered obeisances by falling flat. Gauranga, however, went off to the side and chanted, "Vishnu! Vishnu!"

Padmanabha said to Gaura, "Don't deceive me. Your confidential position is known to the devotees. You are Krishna Himself, full in all transcendental mellows. You have personally descended to deliver the living entities."

Saying this, he offered Gaura an appropriate seat, which Gaura accepted while remembering Lord Vishnu. Padmanabha then honored Gaura according to Vedic custom.

As Mahaprabhu stayed there for some days, word spread that the famous Nimai Pandita has come. Thus many learned scholars as well as hundreds of rich and respectable persons came to see Him. Children, youth, old people, and women made a commotion as they also came to meet Gauranga. After consultation, Gaura went up on the roof so that people could see Him.

Gaura's body had a radiant golden complexion, His arms extended to His knees, and He was a reservoir of ecstatic mellows. His eyes were restless, and His face resembled a fully blossomed lotus. His left hand was wrapped around Acyuta's neck. Everyone took bath in the Ganga-like nectar of His matchless form.

Some fortunate persons who drank that nectar became mad in ecstasy. Some shed tears in ecstatic love, and some joyfully danced with raised arms. That night there was a meeting of learned men. The lamps lit all around the meeting appeared like jewels.

When Gaura along with His students entered that assembly, everyone stood up out of respect. In that assembly, Gaurachandra resembled the moon and the learned men surrounding Him resembled stars.

One of the learned brahmanas was a topmost logician. He was expert in the scriptures and the crown-jewel amongst scholars. He raised one question from the principles of logic, which Shri Gauranga immediately answered.

That brahmana repeatedly established various premises, which Mahaprabhu easily countered. When he was unable to establish any opposing arguments, the brahmana accepted defeat. The scholars there remarked, "We had heard Nimai was named Vidyasagara, but now we have seen proof of His extraordinary knowledge."

One day a great brahmana and devotee of Lord Vishnu approached Mahaprabhu with folded hands and asked, "I see that in Kali-yuga the whole world is full of terrible sins. How then will the living entities be delivered?"

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu replied, "Living entities will be delivered by hearing and chanting the holy name of the Lord. There is no other means of deliverance. Simply by chanting the holy names, all sins are destroyed and one attains pure devotional service."

On hearing this, the brahmana became jubilant. He chanted the name of Hari, danced, and cried, oblivious to his surroundings. On seeing this, all the atheists laughed, while Krishna and the Vaishnavas were all delighted.

Padmanabha Cakravarti was most fortunate, for Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu resided in his house. Thereafter Gaura gradually proceeded to the bank of the Padma River. When Gaura saw the river, He joyfully said, "This Padma River is the second body of Lakshmidevi. One who takes bath in this river is certainly freed from all sins."

Gaura stayed there for some time and enjoyed various pastimes in a pleasant site on the bank of the Padma. The saintly persons discussed among themselves how Gauranga's transcendental association was being appreciated by everyone. They said, "The seat of Navadvipa's intelligentsia was on the eastern bank of the Ganges. One powerful pandita has come here from that place. His name is Nimai Pandita and He has the title Vidyasagara. He has written a commentary under the name Vidyasagara."

Hearing about Nimai, many learned persons came and spoke to Him and thus became purified. Many teachers came and offered various items to Gaura, and they became jubilant by discussing with Him. Many students came with a desire to study under Gaura, and by studying under Him for just a short time they received a title.

Meanwhile, in Navadvipa, Lakshmidevi was bitten by the snake of separation from Gauranga and disappeared from this world. A few days later, Shri Shacinandana decided to return home. At that time a great religious-minded brahmana, after having a dream, came to visit Mahaprabhu.

He offered obeisances at the lotus feet of Gaura and confidentially told Him about his dream. Gaura told him, "Keep this matter a secret. You should go to Kashi for now. I will meet you there in due course of time, and then your desire will certainly be fulfilled."

In this way the simple-hearted Tapana Mishra went to Kashi on the order of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Thus East Bengal was blessed by Vishvambhara, who then returned home with great wealth.

Shri Gauranga then returned to Navadvipa and exhibited sorrow on hearing about the disappearance of Lakshmidevi. Seeing mother Shacidevi in great lamentation, He consoled her in various ways.

Then Gaura's followers and friends arranged for His second marriage. The Raja Pandita, Sanatana Mishra, was a great brahmana. Advaita Prabhu said he was the incarnation of Shri Satrajita. His daughter, Vishnupriya, was the crest jewel of all chaste ladies. She was endowed with all good qualities and was the reservoir of all beauty.

Shri Gaurachandra thus married Vishnupriya. Advaita Prabhu described her as the Lord's own pleasure potency, Lakshmidevi. A grand festival was held in Shri Shacidevi's house on the occasion, and Shaci was overjoyed to again have a daughter-in-law. Shri Acyuta told me about this event, which I have described just a portion of.

Praying at the lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya and Shri Advaita, always desiring Their mercy, I, Ishana Nagara, narrate Shri Advaita Prakasha.