Dombas Prasad Distribution

Parasuram das - 2.6 2023

There are two main prasad distribution teams in the Dombas region since Krishna Tattva Prabhu and Madan Gopal Prabhu sadly left their bodies.

One team is headed by Arjuna Prabhu, a young devotee who survived a rocket attack after being buried in the rubble. The other team is headed by another great vaisnava Nirmala Kanti Prabhu, standing to the right of Arjuna Prabhu, and second to the left is Ilavati dasi, Krishna Tattva Pr’s wife. Nityananda Prya dasi is Madan Gopala’s wife who is also very active with the prasad distribution.

These devotees in Dombas are distributing prasad under great difficulty and are held in topmost respect by all the devotees I know in eastern Ukraine.

The mentality of the true vaisnava goes like this, there was an early morning rocket attack in Kharkiv and Mahavishnu Prabhu turned to me and said “our dear Russian brothers have started bombing early today”, I was counting 9 explosions per minute and the Prabhus were peacefully finishing their japa before entering the kitchen to start cooking prasad for the people sleeping in the underground.

These devotees have no enemies, seeing all beings as eternal spirit souls.