Increasing our Bhakti Sukriti

BY: CAITANYA DAS - 25.5 2020

To progress in spiritual life one must learn to be indifferent and accepting of circumstances, except where the truth of "one who does wrong or suffers wrong is wrong" applies.

We are surrounded by persons who have karma sukriti, Jnana sukriti and bhakti sukriti. We should consider this is administered directly or indirectly by Lord Krishna. We should also be confident and enthusiastic about our prospects in spiritual life wherever we stand, and always endeavour to increase our understanding of Krishna and make plans as to how we can serve Prabhupada directly or through his bone fide representatives. We should humbly present ourselves before Krishna and His devotees so we may be accepted into their camp.

Caitanya Mahaprabhu wished His devotees to accept Rupa Goswami. On his second meeting with the Lord, we know that Prabhupada's father, as Prabhupada tells us, told of his desires that Srila Prabhupada become a servant of Srimati Radharani. Srila Rupa Goswami in his Prayer to Srimati Radharani, says:

"In great distress I prostrate myself before You, falling on the ground, praying piteously unto You with faltering voice. O Gandharvike! After You bestowed Your mercy on this fool, count him (her) amongst Your own people!"

If we are somehow or other accepted by a pure devotee and blessed, certainly our lives have at least a chance to begin to reach perfection. Ultimately in our line we can serve devotees who properly represent what Prabhupada desired and become Rupa nugas. And as Srila Visvanatha Cakravati Thakur indicates in his descriptions of the Asta Kaliya Lila, in a later, more matured spiritual life a further aspirational prayer to serve in Goloka Vrndavana under the direction of those who follow Rupa Manjari, can be understood.

Whatever we are, whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in, by Krishna's mercy we can be increasing our bhakti sukriti. In such a service attitude towards Krishna, our understanding and intelligence to see things clearly will develop. He preserves what we have and gives what we lack. For those that are eager to know and serve Him... a lame man walks mountains, blind man can see, a dumb man can speak eloquent poetry.

In today's world of over reliance of material karma or karma sukriti or jnana sukriti, people proudly want to display their boons that have been awarded to them, without considering who granted such boons, and without realisation that very Person is sitting in the heart and is prompting the psychology of everyone. This Person can and will immediately intervene at any moment, bringing deeper knowledge of divinity, and of the circumstances that persons might find themselves in. This is Buddhi Yoga, which also indicates the intelligence to see how Krishna's advice can come through any persons or circumstances around us, and not always from obvious sources.

The 11th canto teaches of the different gurus, but ultimately it's Krishna who gives us the intelligence and prompts us to understand these things. Once Srila Bhaktisiddanta said to a disciple after speaking with a person, '...oh Bhaktivinode Thakur came, I could not understand immediately, but now I realise it was him speaking through that person.' This is an interesting way of understanding Krishna and Sri Guru. We must be open, pure and humble in order to understand how Krishna is always directing us, either within or in apparent external circumstances.

A true Yogi is indifferent to external circumstances, including being indifferent to his own materially motivated mind. He is truly devoted, sincere and confident in Sri Guru, Sri Caitanya Mahāprabhu, and Lord Krishna in Their mercy and constant guidance.