Matter and Consciousness Are Linked

BY: CAITANYA DAS - 12.3 2019

The astounding statement Lord Krishna gave to the gopis and particularly Srimati Radharani was, your love is such, you will have to be satisfied with it, I cannot pay it back.

Krishna thought the dedication of the gopis exceptional, but it is noted by our Acaryas, he felt so obliged to them and came to pay back the debt.

He came as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu for this purpose and tasted the intense feelings of seperation, and He mercifully distributed such Supremely confidential knowledge to anyone and everyone who was willing to serve Him and understand His mercy.

It is interesting that Krishna Himself acts and feels obligation toward His devotees. As our Lord, He sets the highest example for everyone to follow.

We are all in debt, no one is free from it. This is discussed in our theological teachings. This debt to others can be cleared only when we totally surrender to Krishna, agreeing to voluntarily hand ourselves to Him for His pleasure,with no expectations other than His pleasure. The Lord Himself works in these ways and is reciprocal.

Until we do this we remain hopelessly entangled in billions of exchanges, exchanges which implicate us. Our exploitation of others in endless ways has to be paid back to those we take from. This taking comes in many forms: money, time, emotions, exploitation, the list goes on.

In Quantum Mechanics, entangled particals are connected even if millions of miles apart. Knowledge of our billions of exchanges and who we need to pay back is all recorded and played back in many lives. Such is the mechanism that oversees the gross and subtle exchanges, and directs itself accordingly. This takes place automatically throughout the universe as we are bound in space time. All events and workings of these energies are recorded in the Vedas.

Again in quantum, the observer effect and particularly the Copenhagen interpretation parallels the Vedic theology of matter following consciousness. Automatically, as soon as we interact with matter, the energies click into place. In the classical world, the quantum world and as yet unknown to science the ethereal world, where millions of possibilities are ready to play out. Hence free will and determinism takes place, and what appears as chaos and ever increasing entanglement is actually a very ordered event, under full control of Divinity.

The revelation and thinking of the originators of Quantum Mechanics is a mind blowing event. Even to this very day, Richard Feynman said, if you are not amazed by Quantum Mechanics, then you have not understood it.

It appears that quantum physics, as Sadaputa Prabhu said, seems to parallel the Vedic teachings in its assumption that matter and consciousness are linked. This is helpful in convincing ourselves and others that such highly sophisticated mechanisms are in place. The engineering of Divinity is extending into the lives of each and every individual, and Srila Prabhupada brought us full knowledge of how to understand it and become liberated from it.