New Gokula Farm Welcomes 2,000 to its First Holi Festival

By Bhaktimala Devi Dasi - 7.5 2024

In March, New Gokula Farm held its first Holi festival, and it was a huge success, with around 2,000 people attending. The 550-acre farm, with its lavish organic vegetable gardens and orchards, is located in Australia’s picturesque Hunter Valley, just two hours north of Sydney. It is home to the beautiful full-sized Deities Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda and over 60 cows and bulls.

The Global Party People, a mantra duo, enthused the crowds and had them both dancing and participating in epic colour-throws with their high energy mixture of house, techno and trance. The mood was euphoric as talented local dancers and kirtaneers performed on stage. Stalls were set up selling a delicious range of prasadam items, including paneer burgers, samosas and sweet treats for the hungry guests. Our sacred cows were decorated in bright colours and festival goers had their photos taken while hand painting and interacting with them. But the true joy was in the children’s laughter, as they had a blast, being treated to a free jumping castle, face painting, and a range of fun and educational activities by Bhakti Kids Sanga.


Jayasri Devi Dasi, the main event organiser, wanted to attract new people from the local community to visit the farm. If smiles were a gauge of our success, then our goals were met. Everyone, both regulars and local newcomers, lovingly greeted each other with brightly coloured powders.  

Guests clearly enjoyed the day. They were engaged in hearing the Holy Name, relishing prasadam, and lovingly interacting with the cows. A special treat was the opportunity to take darshan of our very special Deities. 

It was a huge success for the New Gokula team. Along with our regular congregation, so many locals and new people had a fantastic day at the Holi Festival. 

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