Srila Prabhupada’s Recipes for Success

By Mahatma das - 5.9 2023

Rules Srila Prabhupada’s Lived By

Don’t blindly follow until you can follow blindly
Question everything. If it is false, leave it; but if it is true surrender to it.
“You must test the spiritual master for one year. And when you are convinced that here is a person I can follow blindly, then you accept.”

Live your why
Know your purpose and deeply connect with it. Never deviate from you mission and enroll others to help you fulfill it.
“My mission is to save human society.”

No personal agenda
Pure devotional service means to serve solely for the pleasure of guru and Krsna.
“Everything for Krsna and nothing for me.”

Do not try to fit in.
Do it, say it, or believe it, if it true, even if it the world has never done, said or believed it before or if everyone thinks you are crazy.
“We are not here to please the public; common man, but to please Krsna and our previous acaryas.”

Live what you believe
Your life is your message. Live what you teach.
“By your example teach all of the citizens to become ideal vaisnavas.”

Stick to your principles
Do not compromise, even if you could and no one would know, or even if it would produce the results you need.
“I never compromised that you can do whatever you like and you become my disciple.”

See it before you do it
See clearly what you wish to achieve before you begin.
“Books are there, Temples are there. Devotees are there. It is just separated by time.”

Shoot the rhino
Do not be bound by your limits. Dream the impossible, have your feet on the ground, and then go for it. Have faith that God can and will use you to do what you cannot.
“Impossible is a word in a fool’s dictionary.”

Start now
Don’t wait for the ideal situation to begin. Do what you can with what you have.
“So let me try, at least at the fag end of my life.”

If you fail to fail, you fail
Do not fail to act because you may not win. Do it because it is the right thing to do. If you fail to act you have truly failed.
“In the absolute field, both success and failure are glorious.”

Total dedication
Do your duty, no matter how difficult; never makes excuses.
“I don’t know why your brought me here. Now make me a success or failure as you like”

Never give up
Never be discouraged – even if you have the right to be. If something doesn’t work, do it differently; or leave it and do something completely new.
“If anyone has a right to give up, it is me. But I never gave up.”

Show compassion
Never hold grudges. Never envy. Never hate. Love everyone -even if they don’t deserve it.
“So a devotee is always very understanding if there is some discrepancy behavior on the part of non-devotees, and even some devotees misbehave, he is always very tolerant and understanding.”

Empower others
Help others find their calling, let them run with the ball, and allow them to fail. And always be encouraging because words of encouragement can make the difference between a person breaking his limits or being bound by them.
“Once there is bureaucracy, the whole thing will be spoiled.”

Don’t waste a farthing
Krsna’s energy is precious. Don’t waste it.
“Not a single farthing for personal comfort but millions of dollars for Krsna.”