The Presentation of Krishna Consciousness

BY: CAITANYA DAS - 27.5 2020

When Lord Sri Krishna stood on the battlefield of Kuruksetra and indeed performed all His Lila on this earthly plane, it's explained by our acaryas that only the pure devotees saw Krishna in His fullest aspects. The rest saw only a reflection, as much as the Holy Names are non-different than Krishna. But those who are not pure and are trying to become pure, become aware of the reflection of the total spiritual reality of the Holy Names. But as purification increases and an eagerness to see and serve The Lord increases through chanting The Holy name and hearing about His form, qualities and pastimes, our acaryas inform us of the development of spiritual consciousness and of our own spiritual form.

One can contemplate and ask the question, what is a conscious state? A conscious state within matter is effected by the classical world it inhabits and the mental and intellectual plane that acts upon consciousness. The modern scientific community knows little of the consciousness; the psychological scientific community delve into the matter, and have a little success in changing a conscious state.

Unfortunately, in the mechanistic Darwinian age poor victims of it remain in darkness of consciousness and foolishly accept suffering as the interactions of the genomes functioning of the neurological and chemical levels in a brain. Like animals have been trained to accept suffering, the modern government practically encourages relief by sex, intoxication and eating indiscriminately to minimise suffering, and prescribes drugs to numb a vicious mind.

Some of the modern world's scientific gurus try and make attempts to explain the nature of reality, but their attempts are of little help to the common man, who has no intellectual capacity to follow the math or the concepts that science speculates about. Roger Penrose, the mathematics expert and physicist, who seems a decent chap, recently made an analysis of problems of what he called 'mystery'.

First thing he mentions is that mathematics and precision within a universe are already in existence. It's not that mathematics came first; it was already in existence. The scientific community can be given credit for discovering the precision and describing it in mathematical theorems that actually work, and can successfully predict a certain state of the classical and quantum existence.

The second thing is the states of consciousness -- how the consciousness can rationally look out into the universe in both a macro or micro form, and see and make sense of the perfect mathematics and design that appears.

And the third thing is Consciousness itself, and indeed what reality is, taking into consideration that matter appears one way in a classical world and another way when broken down into its smallest constituency, and to a world of many possibilities and the ethereal planes of a mind's subjective process.

The Bhagavatam solves all these problems and solves the problems of psychological issues and the searching for peace and happiness. It's unfortunate in the Darwinian age that people resign themselves to suffering. Acceptance of suffering on one level is a spiritual discipline, but the general spiritual truth and teachings are to free oneself from suffering of association with the body and mind, and take what is rightfully ours and God given: peace and happiness that is dynamic and increasing in nature.

The Mayavadi philosophy cannot help, but creates greater harm, because in searching for happiness, naturally variety must be included and exchanges of emotions. Who would want to deny that inherent instinct, the envy of the mayavadi is that he cannot become the enjoyer of rasa, so he wants to deny everyone, including Krishna of His rights or their rights to enjoy with Him.

The only solution is the presentation of Krishna consciousness on many different levels, in a systematic way. Srila Prabhupada has already shown us and given the framework and instructions as to how to do it, and practically and repeatedly pointed it out. Just looking at his articles he wrote in the 1950s shows his modern presentation of Krishna consciousness. We need only follow his intelligence and thinking, what to speak of the endless resources of his books and conversations. Truly, a saint of the highest capacity came amongst us.