Vaisnava-ninda (Criticizing a Vaisnava), Part 6

BY: SUN STAFF - 13.6 2022

A serial presentation of 'Vaisnava-ninda' by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur.

Wicked people see faults in a Vaisnava in three ways

Pure Vaisnavas have no faults and are therefore above criticism. But those who do criticize them just blame them and vilify them wrongly. Such wicked persons hatefully criticize the Vaisnavas in the following three ways:

(1) They criticize all the faults that existed in a person before suddha-bhakti manifested in him. In actual fact, as soon as bhakti appears in one's heart, all of one's faults begin to quickly disappear.

(2) During the period of time in which any untoward propensities are being destroyed within the Vaisnava's heart, wicked people take the opportunity to criticize him for any faults that may still remain in him.

(3) Although an exalted Vaisnava is never inclined toward faulty behaviour, sometimes, due to divine providence, some unwarranted conduct may be observed in him. Though such faulty behaviour can never remain a permanent habit in the Vaisnava, wicked people still criticize him for it.

In this way, these heartless people lead themselves to their own doom by committing the wicked deed of blaspheming a Vaisnava. Therefore, in the book Namatattva-ratnamala, it is said:

prag bhakterudyaddosah ksayavasista eva ca
daivotpannasca bhaktanam naivalocyah kadacana
saduddesyamrte yastu mrsapavadameva ca
dosanalocayatyeva sa sadhu-nindakohadhamah

One should never reflect upon the faults of a bhakta – namely, those that were present in him before bhakti awakened in him, those that temporarily remain during the time when his heart is purified through his practice of bhakti, and those that may appear in him accidentally due to providence. One who reflects upon any of these faults, not with a good-hearted purpose but rather with slanderous intent, is a blasphemer of saints and is extremely degraded.


Translated from Sri Gaudiya Patrika, Year 7, Issue 10 in Rays of The Harmonist, Kartika Issue, 2009