What’s wrong with satisfying the sexual urge by artificial means?

By Chaitanya Charan Das - 24.4 2024


Many young boys are indulge in satisfying the sexual urge by artificial means like masturbation?

Is it wrong and if wrong than why?

what is wrong with pronography and masturbation ?

First and foremost it is largely unnatural, not just unnatural in terms of the body’s vital fluids getting wasted, where it could have been utilized within the sacred ties of marriage for bringing new live into the world. it is just literally wasted down the drain, but more importantly , it entraps us in hallucinatory hopes of pleasure which distracts us from real spiritual advancement and experiencing real happiness.

The scripture tell us that the purpose of human life is to make spiritual advancement, and they do not deny the sexual urge but they tell us that the sexual urge can be regulated and sublimated and eventually purified if we practice spiritual principles like chanting, withing the sacred ties like marriage. So when we try to satisfy the sexual urge in any unnatural way , through artificial stimulation,by our imagination, by pronography and by artificial stimulation of our organs by materbation, then we are creating a situation where, first of all we will trap ourselves in perpetual mental agitation, once we transgress the protective limit set by scriptures, then there is no limit to how much our mind can agitate and traumatise us. These short of habits once initiated , become a craving , a compulsion, addiction and just waste a persons time and energy. Not only that cultured person, as described by Chanakya pandit, tries to see all women as mother except for his wife, matravat pardare ashu, but these sort of unnatural indulgences create an exploitative vision towards practically all women. and that can even get transformed into aggressive behaviour.

Generally , sociologists have found that people who start getting addicted to pronography gtry to go into harder and harder pronography and till they feel that it does not give them any kick and then they imagine may be the real thing will give a kick and then the violence, that is often depected in pronography , they try to enact in real life. So the American paradox by Dr Mayer documents, how the most violent rapist, where incited themselves to the violent act by being addicted, by stimulating themselves with hardcore pronography. So that is why the safe way for an intelligent person is to not go beyond the sacred limits enacted by scriptures, once we go out of that limit, then there is no limit where to which we may be pulled down. We may say I will not ham anyone , I am just getting pleasure myself without harming any one, but there is no guarantee that those desires may not take us out of control. and even if we say that we are not harming any one, certainly we are harming ourselves, we are wasting our condensed body energy, every drop of seimen, according to ayurveda, is make of anything between 32 to 64 drops of blood.

Now materialists scientist try to disprove it by saying that every thing in the body is made of blood, ultimately the seimen is created to be secreted, just as urine is created to be secreted, but this is an absurd analogy. because urine is just a waste product that is passes away from the body. Seimen when unites with the egg it has the capacity to formulate and nourish an entire body like yours and mine, so when the nutritive value and the creational potency of seimen and urine is ae so different , the comparison between disingenuous, means entirely dishonest. So we are harming ourselves by wasting our own bodily fluid, and the essence of our bodies is energy that is there in the fluid, that which could be used to create new life, we waste it away for some momentary pleasure, so we are surely harming ourselves psychologically by allowing ourselves to become addicted to these pleasures which we may indulge in m which our minds will drag us to indulge again and again and we may harm the society when our desires go out of control .

So when ever the mind gets agitated by such desires, if we can focus it on the holy name of Krishna , chant sincerely and intensely then those desires subsides because the holy name of Krishna connects us with the higher happiness, and the more we experience the higher happiness, the desire for the lower happiness goes away. So These rules are not there to torture us, to deprive us of that which is a natural pleasure, rather they are there to protect us. to save us from unnecessary suffering and if we especially experience higher happiness then the self control and the freedom from these habits does not become torture rather it becomes a progressive express of freedom.