Bhakti Charu Swami Vapu Journey to Mayapur


H.H. Bhakti Charu Swami Vapu Journey to Mayapur
Summary of the travel plans 10-12 July 2020


His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami departed the material world on 4th July 2020 in Orlando, FL, USA. The GBC Executive Committee decided that Maharaj’s vapu shall be placed in samadhi in Sri Mayapur Dham.

Based on this instruction, a team of disciples have been making the arrangements to transport Maharaj’s vapu to Mayapur. This poses many logistical and administrative challenges. It has taken several days just to secure over a dozen official approvals and clearances at the various stages of the journey. Even the first stage of the journey requires clearances to be achieved for the final stage of the journey.

The GBC Executive Committee decided that Maharaj’s vapu shall be embalmed. This is a chemical procedure that preserves the body in its current form. This is required to comply with international and domestic flight regulations.


Maharaj’s vapu journey starts at a funeral home in Orlando, FL. Maharaj’s vapu is being transported in a Ziegler case - a special steel box that is hermetically sealed for preservation and safety. Cooling packs are inserted to maintain a controlled temperature for the journey.

A devotee is carrying Maharaj’s personal luggage and items to ISKCON Ujjain where a museum will be made.

Please do not contact the airport or airlines. No one can access Maharaj’s vapu case because it is being transported in secure cargo. Any attempt to contact or interfere with the travel operators would place the reputation of ISKCON at risk.

During the two-day journey, we beg the Vaishnavas to meditate upon Maharaj.

Orlando to New York City

Maharaj’s vapu case will be transported from Orlando to New York in the cargo section of a commercial passenger flight.

10 July 2020  05:45 ET    Departing from funeral home

10 July 2020  08:20 ET    American Airlines flight MCO-CLT 08:19-10:02

Short layover in Charlotte, NC

10 July 2020  13:30 ET    American Airlines flight CLT-JFK 13:29-15:25

10 July 2020  16:30 ET    Transfer to a local funeral home

Maharaj’s vapu case will be reconditioned and prepared for the international journey. It will remain in the funeral home overnight.

New York City to New Delhi

Air India has agreed to transport Maharaj’s vapu in their repatriation flight, part of a special flight schedule during the lockdown.

11 July 2020  06:00 ET    Transfer from funeral home to airport

11 July 2020  11:00 ET    Cargo clearance

11 July 2020  12:30 ET    Air India flight JFK-DEL 12:30-12:00+1 (direct flight)

Maharaj’s vapu case will land at 12pm noon at Delhi airport on Sunday 12 July 2020.

Local devotees will supervise the clearances and transfer.

New Delhi to Kolkata

12 July 2020  16:00 IST    Private charter flight DEL-CCU

Maharaj’s vapu case will be transferred within the airport security area to the next flight. The vapu case will not leave the airport. Three devotees will also board the flight. The airplane is a Cessna Caravan turboprop.

Kolkata to Mayapur

Upon landing at Kolkata airport, Maharaj’s vapu case will be transferred to a special vehicle and driven to Mayapur.

12 July 2020            Landing at Kolkata airport

12 July 2020            Road transport departing Kolkata airport at to Mayapur

The timings and details will not be shared, as we must prevent crowds during the lockdown in order to protect people.

Samadhi in Mayapur

Maharaj’s samadhi will be in the Vaishnav Samadhi Park. Preparations are already underway. The details will be announced shortly. Please note that devotees must not travel to Mayapur to attend the ceremony. Due to the lockdown in India, the samadhi arrangements are extremely restricted and will be guarded. A video of the ceremony will be promptly shared.

Further information

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