German Tries to Enter Jagannath Temple



German Pilgrim Tries to Enter Jagannath Temple, Assaults Priest

Govinda Dev dasa 
[ Photo: Sampradaya Sun ]

A 35-year-old German tourist allegedly tried to barge into Puri Jagannath Temple, which is off limits to non-Hindus, and assaulted a priest for stopping his way on Sunday. As the incident created quite a flutter, the police detained the foreigner, Jesus Engel Berger, aka Govinda Dev dasa for questioning on the basis of a complaint lodged by the priest, Bamdeba Pujapanda.

Police said Berger, a resident of Neureichenau in Germany, tried to run inside the temple around 4:35 pm when he was stopped by Pujapanda near the Lion's gate. "When I stopped him and told him about that non-Hindus cannot enter the shrine, he started arguing with me. He claimed himself to be a follower of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and insisted me to allow him to enter the temple. Other priests also requested him to go back. But he pushed me and attacked me with a stick," Pujapanda said.

[ Photo: Sampradaya Sun ]

Cops of nearby Singhadwar police station reached the spot and detained him. However, no case was registered against the foreigner till filing of the report. "We are verifying the allegation. We will also ask the eyewitnesses," inspector-in-charge of Singhadwar police station Bamadeba Swain said.

Though a non-Hindu's entry into Jagannath temple is not a punishable offence under Indian Penal Code, Berger might land in trouble for assaulting Pujapanda. Police said Berger, who reached Puri three days ago, made unsuccessful attempts to enter the temple through three other gates earlier in the day. Berger, who possesses valid passport, admitted he was aware of the temple's restriction on the access of non-Hindus. "I am a staunch follower of Lord Jagannath and visited several other Hindu temples in India. Why should I not be allowed entry inside Jagannath Temple," asked Berger.

Apparently ignoring the temple's "no to non-Hindu" rule, a number of foreigners gained entry into the shrine in the past and underwent harrowing times in the hands of aggrieved priests. On December 28, 2010, an American woman was humiliated and thrown out of the shrine by a group of priests.