Prime Minister of India’s Message to Iskcon for Janmashtami 2018


By editor - 23.8 2018

I am pleased to know that a special souvenir is being published by ISKCON-India on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami celebrations. ISKCON has been leading a spiritual transformation of the humanity by illuminating the world with the wisdom and grace of Shri Krishna’s philosophy. Its members have been serving the humanity through its numerous philanthropic missions underlining the non duality of service to God and humanity. I convey my best wishes to the whole ISKCON family, as it prepares to celebrate the Janmashtami festival. I am sure that the festival will fill minds of all devotees with spiritual fulfilment and greater enthusiasm for service of humanity. May Lord Krishna bless our lives with peace, prosperity and happiness. I extend my best wishes for all the future endeavours of ISKCON.

(Narendra Modi)

New Delhi 20 August, 2018