Radhasthami Mahotsavah


By Radha Kunda Dasi - 9.11 2020

“The word Radha means the greatest worshiper of Krsna. No other gopi in Vrndavana has such a significant name as Sri Radha. of course, all the Vraja gopis love and give pleasure to Krsna. However, compared to Radhika’s ocean of love for Krsna, the other gopis are merely pools, ponds and rivers. As the ocean is the original source of all the water found in lakes and rivers, similary the love found in the gopis, and in all the other devotees has its origin in Sri Radha alone. Since Radha’s love is the greatest, she gives the greatest pleasure to Krsna.

Radha’s lake is named after Her because, like Radha, it pleases all the transcendental senses of Krsna. Krsna’s eyes enjoy seeing Radha-kunda. Krsna’s nose relishes the smell of Radha-kunda’s waters and its lotus flowers. The touch of radha-kunda’s cool water pleases Krsna’s body. The sounds of the singing birds and buzzing bees satisfy Krsna’s ears. Krsna’s tongue enjoys tasting the ambrosial water of Radha-kunda.

Radha-kunda is named after Sri Radha because it has the same power that She has to attract and enchant Sri Krsna. This is confirmed in the Caitanya-caritamrta, adi 4.95: ‘Krsna enchants the whole world, but Srimati Radhika enchants even Him. Therefore, Radha is the Supreme Goddess.’ Chanting Radha’s name and bathing in Radha-kunda both attract Krsna as confirmed by sri Narottama das Thakura: ‘O brother! If you sing Krsna’s name, you will attain the lotus feet of Sri Radhika, if you chant Radha’s name, you will attain Krsnacandra.’

‘In Vrndavana, people are accustomed to chant Srimati Radharani’s name more than Krsna’s name. “Jaya Radhe!” If you want Krsna’s favor, then just try to please Srimati Radharani. This is the way.’ (SPT 75/82)

‘Even a single utterance of the two syllabes Ra Dha immediately attracts Sri Krsna, the Lord of Gokula. All the goals of human life seem insignificant for one who becomes full of love for the name of Radha! Lord Madhava Himself also lovingly chants japa of this mantra. May the two wonderful syllables of Ra Dha become revealed to me. (Radha rasa-sudha-nidhi)

Once Syamasundara came to the Vrndavana forest to meet Srimati Radhika. The gopis met Him and said that Radha’s superiors kept Her locked up at home, even though Radha was actually hiding in a nearby kunja. Syama became upset, and asked the gopis how He could meet Radhika. The gopis advised Krsna to just sit down, become absorbed in chanting Radha’s sweet name, and surely She wouls come to Him.

After chanting for sometime, Krsna stopped and said, “Hey sakhis! Why hasn’t Radha appeared yet?”

One sakhi jokingly replied, “look syamasundara! I think You’re not getting any result because You’re committing offenses against the holy name of Radha!”

Then the sakhis gave further advice, “Look Syama, just clap Your hands, and loudly chant the divine name of Radha. This will remove Your offenses, and make the holy name pleased with You.”

With tears-filled eyes and a heart full of ecstatic love, Sri Krsna joined the sakhis in a blissful Radha-nama kirtana. Forcefully attracted by the ecstasy, srimati Radhika left Her hiding place, and blessed Madhava with a loving embrace…

Offenses are the main obstacle to making spiritual advancement. One will attain love of God only when one’s offenses are destroyed, and one purely worships the Lord. Although Krsna never tolerates an offender, nor gives him any mercy, He will become favorable if this person takes shelter of the compassionate name of Radha. Srila Prabhodananda Sarasvati Thakura says that Krsna becomes so pleased with one who chants Radha’s name that He nullifies all their offenses. Not only that, but Sri Krsna considers engaging him in Radha’s personal service. This is confirmed in Radha rasa-sudha-nidhi:

“O Sri Radhe! Madhupati (Krsna) completely disregards unlimited vaisnava aparadhas of anyone who even once relishes the nectareen mellow of Your holy name. Overwhelmed in the greatest prema, Krsna considers bestowing upon him the supreme gift of Radha dasyam (Radha’s personal service). Therefore, Who can imagine the limitless fortune of one whose mind is firmly fixed only in Your service?”

The Sanskrit word sara means lake, but by reversing the syllable sa and ra, it becomes rasa, which means the sweet flavor of Radha and Krsna’s playful pastimes. Therefore, those who understand this great secret will bathe in Sri Radha’s lake, Radha-kunda, and relish the sweet mellows of madhurya-rasa…”