Lord Rama's Birthday debate


By I-Serve Delhi - 25.6 2015


Scientists claim 10-1-5114 BC is Lord Ramachandra's birthday!

Planetary Positions form the basis of a major research programme

Editor's Note: The scientists of I-Serve have tried to prove that Lord Ramachandra did indeed appear on this earth, but through their research they claim above date to be His birthday. As per Vedic scriptures Lord Ramachandra appeared in Treta yuga. We encourage other writers and readers to present articles which prove the Vedic point of view of dating Lord Ramachandra’s appearance based on planetary positions described in Valmiki Ramayana.
A research institute claims to have found the date of birth of Lord Ramachandra and says that astronomically one can conclude that He was indeed an historical person.
I-SERVE(Institute for Scientific Research on Vedas) claims to have conducted research and arrived at the date of birth Rama to be 10-1-5114 BC. The institute claims to have evolved an algorithm in its planetarium which facilitated fixing of this date. As per the Hindu almanac, He was born between 12noon to 1pm during the month of Chaitra during the waxing fortnight of the moon.
The planetarium conducted various simulations based on algorithms to fix the planetary positions and claims to have fixed the planetary positions of many events referred to in the Puranas, Itihasas and other Vedic literature. These astronomical simulations confirmed that such planetary events as described have occurred prior to 2000BC. Nasa and Nehru planetarium adopt similar simulations to find out planetary positions.
One of the scientists of I-Serve said that the planetary positions described by Valmiki in Ramayana correspond the date as confirmed by the simulation. Scientists of I-serve said that through the simulations and observations of the sky and planetary movements, underwater excavations, carbon and radio dating one can prove the various events described in the epics can be confirmed to have occurred. They said that the planetary positions corresponding to the events described form a major evidence for these confirmations. Lord Ramachandra’s historical appearance and His exile and war with Khara and Dushana on the 13th year of his exile are key events which form the basis of a confirmation that he indeed did exist.