Dr Richard Foltz on Islam Vegetarianism

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What is Vegetarianism?
Some consider it to be a good health diet to some it is ethical and to others it is the purest way to attain spiritual enlightenment. A Vegetarian eating plan also known as plant-based eating is based on a diet of Grain, Fruits, Vegetable, Nuts, and Seeds, this styles of eating has existed since the beginning of recorded history. A Vegetarian movement was found in Rome as early as 600 BCE from the Christian Bible, to Islam Qur'an, to Zoroastrian Avestan, to Buddhism, to the Upanishads, from the ancient writing of Plato to the beliefs of the early Egyptians.
A Vegetarian diet was expounded as the diet of choice for peaceful and healthful existence, both physically and spirally. Ancient, Masters and sages, and the world greatest and most influential scientist, actors, and super athletes all advocate a plant based diet. Vegetarianism is a compassionate ecologically sound and spiritually uplifting lifestyle that respects, the sanctity of all life.
Vegetarianism is the Noble way of living.

The live we want to live are right at the tips of our fingers: It's not up to the government, your parents, your religious, your friends, your favorites restaurant, your supermarket, to make lifestyle changes critical to good health. It's up to you Educate yourself. Don't be a processed person.