Fire Yogi - spiritual science of devotion

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Spiritual worship and sacrifice to bless all beings. - please view with respect.

Sri Guru Rambau Swami posses the unique ability to unify himself with fire. This Documentary tells his story and invites you to take a journey beyond scientific expectation. His unique skill comes from his secret mantra and breathing technique as well as deep veneration and dedication to his favorite God Ganapati Mahadeva as well as his Guru Sri Rama Nandendra Sarasvati Swamiji. Sri Guru Rabau Swami in all his humbleness performs this rare and unique 14h fire ceremony on a daily base for the last 45 years to aid in world peace and enlightenment of all individuals. Barely eating and drinking Sri Guru sleeps 3 hours a day and defies many laws of nature, medicine and physics.

Please do not try this at home... ;-)

Enjoy your darshan, be blessed!
Good Luck to All, may all the Gods and Angels protect you and aid you on your spiritual journey!