Sri Rams & Sri Krishnas Horoscope - by Saptarishis Astrology Part 1/5

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Saptarishis Astrology

This was the 3rd attempt and finally successful, tears in our eyes since Shri Rams horoscope is the first horoscope taught to a student when he learns astrology. But it is no longer taught, nor do we have a competent authority commenting on Shri Rams Horoscope till now. So for the first time, since 1980s Shri K N Rao talks on Shri Rams horoscope, the controversies regarding his chart. He reveals such subtle points that even one in astrology since 20 years will take a huge time to grasp it if he does.. So so proud, 3rd visit to Delhi for this reason and finally it happens. Its like a life time achievement award getting Shri Rao to discuss on Shri Rams horoscope and then Lord Krishnas horoscope. This is Part 1 of several series, unedited version, natural settings at his house.