The Final Reconciliation, Ritviks Verses Living Guru's

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Gauraharidas Avadhuta

Finally the whole issue is settled here in regards to the Ritvik issue verses living Gurus, according to clear undefeatable Guru,Sadhu and Sastra, evidence which overturns all arguments from Gaudiya Samiti, Gaudiya Matha, and Iskcon who claim that the ritvik instruction is not valid because its never been done before in our sampradya. It is also established in this video that generally one must have a transcendentally experienced pure devotee Shiksha Guru to be instructed in the mellows of devotion, if one is interested in developing spontaneous love of Krishna. So both Ritviks and and living Guru proponents are both right in theory but not completely right undertanding in its application and how the whole puzzle fits together. This video clearly resolves and reconciles these two most important issues but it may be still some years still before the information contained in this video is properly understood.